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Why You Should Take a Defensive Driving Course and How Can It Help You.

The Defensive Driving Course (DDC) can help you become a better driver and save you some money, and let's be honest, who doesn't like that. When you take the Defensive Driving Course, you will go over topics such as are traffic law, traffic signs and driver responsibility. Over the 6 hour course you will learn from both a certified DDC instructor and from a couple of videos. During the course you will also be quizzed a couple of times before taking the final exam.

While none of this may sound like a fun time, once you complete the Defensive Driving Course you will feel like a safer, more confident driver. On top of the self benefit of confidence and peace of mind behind the wheel, the completion of a Defensive Driving Course can improve your insurance rate, reduce points on your license and even allow you to get your license back after it has been suspended.

If you are taking class for point reduction purposes, you will want to head over to the DMV the day after completing your Defensive Driving Course, unless it's Sunday (DMV is classed on Monday) and get the points reduced. You will be eligible to get up to 7 points taken off your license but make sure this is your best option since the Defensive Driving Course can only be taken for this reason once every 5 years.

Another great way taking a Defensive Driving Course is for car insurance reduction. After completing the Defensive Driving Course, take your certificate of completion to your insurance provider. You will be eligible for a discount up to 10%, for up to 3 years.

Alfa Driving School is Atlanta’s premier driving and traffic school and is available for all your needs. Since 1993 Alfa Driving School has called Doraville home and has enjoyed providing its services to the local community and those from all over the great state of Georgia. For the past 25 years, residents of Doraville, Chamblee and the rest of DeKalb County have been able to trust Alfa Driving School to give them proper, high quality and expert services. With excellent customer service and some of the best instructors in the state, Alfa Driving School is here for all of your defensive driving course, risk reduction and driving lesson needs. For over 20 years, Alfa Driving School has helped locals get rid of points on their license, reduce their car insurance premiums, getting tickets dismissed in court and much more with the help of our defensive driving course. The defensive driving course, also known as DDC, has allowed students to learn all the necessary things to be safe and knowledgeable drivers. With our risk reduction course, also known as DUI course, we have made sure that all of our students that take the class to get their license back and/or complete court mandates leave our office with the knowledge and attitude to be better drivers and to learn from their mistakes. Our hard working risk reduction instructors make it imperative that all of our students fulfil all the program requirements and fully understand why they are taking the class and how to not end up in the same situation. And for those that just want to learn how to drive and get their license, Alfa Driving School has some of the instructors the city of Doraville and the state of Georgia has to offer. With over 20 years of experience, our instructors make it their duty to make sure that the student learns all they need to know to pass their road test and be a smart, safe driver. Our instructor makes sure that the student feels comfortable driving and knows to listen to the student on what they want to practice more on, what they don’t feel comfortable with and what they would like to practice and get more experience doing.

Alfa Driving School is a certified by the Georgia Department of Driver Services to facilitate and implement the defensive driving course (DDC), risk reduction program (DUI course) and provide behind the wheel driving lessons throughout the state. In our 25 years of service, we have taken great pride in being a part of the Doraville, Chamblee and DeKalb County community and have had the pleasure of helping the residents in Doraville and its neighboring cities. Alfa Driving School, learn from the best.

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